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10 most popular posts of 2009

Arse about tit given my last post but here’s the most popular posts on Zerochampion in 2009. A shout out to the team behind the East London refurbishment project who guest-posted during the year and proved plenty of value throughout the year. And to architectural student Benjamin Kinch for his thoughtful piece on BREEAM. Here goes:

  1. Dubai and Rethinking Growth
  2. Environmentalism as miserabalism
  3. Eco Refurbishment Part 2
  4. The Carbon Reduction Commitment is Bonkers
  5. Refurbishment challenge: airtightness
  6. Existing challenge: the builder’s tale
  7. Celebrity architects and sustainability
  8. Should aesthetics be part of BREEAM?
  9. Nine people thoughts and quotes for 2009
  10. Green refurbishment challenge part four

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