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Death to the green quangos?

So what future then post tomorrow for the sustainable quangos? I’m thinking the main ones that you and I come up against regularly: the Carbon Trust, the Energy Saving Trust and WRAP. Climate change minister Ed Miliband pledged to keep the first two whilst on a green road show last Friday which I attended. The […]

Election musings

About a month ago my local MP Sadiq Khan knocked on the door. Perfectly pleasant bloke. We chatted about the local hospital, the state of the Northern Line and his boss Gordon Brown. His parting words gently urged me to plump for Labour as in our constituency of Tooting it’s a ‘two horse race’. This […]

The Tory Battersea Power Station folly

Symbolism is clearly crucial in politics. Which is why the choice of the Battersea Power Station as the venue for the Conservatives to launch their election campaign is very very silly. Leader David Cameron drew parallels in his speech, saying that the crumbling bygone of our industrial past was “in need of regeneration in a […]

Blog Action Day: Small steps

So I’m under pressure this morning. Lots of meetings as ever and a deadline of around 17 minutes to get a post out about Blog Action Day. There’s also a bunch of bloggers across my company that are taking part as well, which is nice (see below). I’m clearly not going to match the level […]

We’re all in a bubble

As something of a theatre nut it’s been an odd few weeks. I managed to perform a double, namely walking out of consecutive performance (during the intervals, of course – I am English after all). The two offending articles? First up was Mother Courage and Her Children at the National Theatre, which annoyed me from […]

Architects and engineers unite

The past week has seen a bout of navel gazing amongst probably the two crucial professions at the front end of dealing with energy use in buildings, namely architects and services engineers. In the architecture corner David Nixon, originally a founder of influential firm Future Systems, issued a rallying call to the profession to take […]

Failure to reboot

Sometimes you leave an event brimming with ideas, energy and enthusiasm. Other times it’s exactly the opposite. I experienced the latter after wandering out of the Reboot Britain event yesterday. Billed as pointing the way forward for our beleaguered nation after a year or so of economic and political disarray I found it rather flabby […]

Some quotes

Un-related sentences that have grabbed me: How different this country is compared to 1946, when I first arrived here.. Politics mattered, the welfare state was invented.. the church was still strong. We were a very deferential society. There hierarchy and values and obedience. All that’s gone.. Politics is a public utility and a bit of […]

Green drama, at last

I have something rather shocking to report. I went to see a dramatisation of climate change last week – a play called Resilience – which was eerily accurate, funny, pointed, powerful and moving. For me there’s always been a mixture of dread and guilt as one is presented with a documentary or fictional account of […]

Non-existent policies

Expecting what appears an increasingly worn-out government to tackle what amounts to a fundamental shift in policy and approach to our built environment is too much to ask. The piffling amounts offer by penniless Alistair Darling to address existing properties is pathetic. It’s not even clear quite how much was actually on offer – Building […]