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10 most popular posts of 2009

Arse about tit given my last post but here’s the most popular posts on Zerochampion in 2009. A shout out to the team behind the East London refurbishment project who guest-posted during the year and proved plenty of value throughout the year. And to architectural student Benjamin Kinch for his thoughtful piece on BREEAM. Here […]

Celebrity architects and sustainability

Their reputations may not quite up there with bankers just yet, but the stock of the celebrity/iconic architect is most definitely on the wane. After Building claimed earlier in the month the end of the era of the ‘icon’ building due to the recession two more pieces appear this week to twist the knife in. […]

Should aesthetics be part of BREEAM?

Part one of two guest posts by architecture student Benjamin Kinch As part of my architecture course I am currently conducting an investigation in how BREEAM equates to theories of true sustainability. Initial correspondence with BREEAM assessors, industry, architects, contractors etc. caused the investigation topic to look at issues such as aesthetics, functionality and social […]

Ecobuild optimism tempered

After the heady mix of good feeling, good intentions and good looking technologies comes something of a hangover. It’s easy to get carried away with optimism after Ecobuild, such was the positivity on display. UK Green Building Council chief executive Paul King fed on this during a speech on the first day, piggy-backing on the […]

BREEAM on wikipedia

There wasn’t an entry on this (although there is one on the BRE). Until now. With assistance from my colleague Ed Sexton, who’s a bit of a Wikipedia nut (he recently created an entry on obscure 1990s band the Three Amigos) I’ve started the ball rolling. It’s rather pithier than the LEED entry, which probably […]